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Hi! I’m Sarah, the younger of us two sisters. I grew up in Vancouver B.C, have lately spent a lot of time in Los Angeles, but work tends to keep me traveling which I’m grateful for. I’m incredibly excited to start this blog with my gorgeous sister who’s also my best friend. For me, this is about sharing what I’m passionate about with others in the hopes to inspire them in some way or another. My mantra as of lately has been “Spread love and light”, and I really hope to do that through this blog. From food, to makeup, to my personal struggles, to worldly issues, and much more… My goal is to put positive energy out there and motivate people to also discover new things that make them genuinely happy. 

I hope this blog inspires you to explore new places. Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on social media!


Hey guys! I’m Hannah, the older of the two sisters. Same as Sarah, I grew up in Vancouver B.C., but have travelled all around the world my entire life. After I graduated from high school, I realized my aspirations didn’t immediately lie in post-secondary… So I decided to work and live in Costa Rica! I can now say I have family and friends all over the world, and two homes; one in Vancouver and one in the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica. My vision for this blog is to share my passions and morals with people that share the same ideas. Having struggled with mental illness for a good portion of my life, I want to create as much positivity and inspiration as I can… And I want to do that with this blog! I hope I can inspire and create ideas for you guys too.


Hannah J xoxo