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Beauty Tips From the Jungle

Beauty Tips From the Jungle

As some of you may know, I spent nearly four months in Costa Rica in 2013 working, living, and LOVING my life. I lived in a small town called El Progreso and as much as I loved it, we had one Pulperia (kind of like a grocery store) and that was it. So buying makeup or beauty products was left to day trips spent in the next town over which took a four hour bus ride to get to. So I had to get creative! And here are some of my tried and true beauty tips from living in the jungle:


1. Coffee Scrub

One of my favorite beauty procedures was waking up early in the morning and brewing my self coffee… Because once the coffee was done brewing and I had my morning cup of Joe, I would take the grinds and use them as a face scrub in the shower! And it totally works! My skin was flawless in Costa Rica and I truly believe it was because of the ocean and this.

2. Cinnamon Bronzer

Since finding makeup was difficult, I had to make due with what I have when I went out at night. One thing that really worked for me was using ground cinnamon as blush or bronzer. As an added effect, it made your face smell really good! 

3. Beer Conditioner

For some of you readers, this beauty tip may be unavailable because to obtain it, you have to be the legal drinking age! But for me in Costa Rica, I was 18 and free to buy as much beer as I wanted. So whenever I had some left over from nights playing poker with my roommates, I’d use it in my showers in the mornings as a conditioner! And it worked leaving my hair super smooth and sleek.

4. Mint Leaves

Maybe this is an obvious tip for some people but to me, this was a new and exciting find. Whenever I was running late or was (unfortunately) out of toothpaste… I would grab some fresh mint from the garden and chew on it to leave my breath minty fresh :) mint leaves also double as a great emergency deodorant!

5. Coconut Oil

I know there have been lots of claims of the benefits of coconut oil BUT TRUST ME, you don’t know how beneficial coconut oil is until it’s a Saturday night out, you’re out of hair product, and it’s 35 degrees celsius with humidity… Coconut oil was my savior for all bad hair days. That plus the wonderful salty, pacific ocean.


BUT, whenever I did have the opportunity to travel into town and buy myself new products, I would always buy product by a Costa Rican brand called Bioland. They are a biodegradable, organic, and all-natural brand that produces amazing beauty products. My favorite product by far was their flaxseed shampoo! It did wonders on my curly, frizzy hair.


Love, Hannah xoxo

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