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My Bucket List

My Bucket List

It’s January 11th, which means we are a few days into the New Year now. With New Year’s Eve comes resolutions, new beginnings, and change. I’ve always been an inspired adventurer… I can imagine the definition for this title would be “a person who imagines adventures but only sometimes pursues them.” For Christmas I got this really wonderful journal/book called My Bucket List. Essentially, it is a book where I write down things I want to do before I die and then record them. And these things can be anything from trying salsa dancing to hiking Everest. It is meant to put you outside your comfort zone. So here are just a few items I’ve catalogued in my book!

1. The PCT

This is a hard one to explain because I can’t remember the exact time that I decided I wanted to do it. But I believe I found out about this hike five years ago and that is when my dream began. The PCT is a hike from the Mexican border through California, Oregon, and Washington, ending in Manning Park, B.C., my home province. The moment I knew with great certainty that I was doing this hike was when things ended with the first (and only) boy I’ve ever loved. It felt like something I needed to do for myself once I graduated. But the hike only became a reality when my parents gave me my dream backpack for Christmas. I received a 58 L Osprey Kestrel in Dragon Red. It’s absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to use it on this amazing adventure in May 2018.

2. Surf Hawaiian Waves

Surfing is something I’ve always adored. I like watching it, I like the lifestyle… I just like it in general! So when I went back to Costa Rica for the second time, I had to try surfing... And it was a great success! I stood up on the board on my second try, I was able to paddle out by myself, and I could identify good and bad waves. I was doing great UNTIL my very last wave two hours later when my board hit me square between my eyes. I didn’t cry but I think that’s because I couldn’t feel my face. After the locals gave me Advil, ice, and identified that I should be watched while I slept… It turned out I was okay and that I still really loved surfing. So my next destination I want to hit is Hawaii! And I want to learn how NOT to make my face swell up to the size of a watermelon.

3. Save A Life

This one doesn’t have a big story behind it but it has been on my bucket list for over 8 years. I think that saving a life can be done in many ways. Of course it is usually imagined as a hero pulling someone out of a burning building or resuscitating someone back to life but to me it can be that and much more. Living is a combination of taking care of your mental and physical health. So if I can save a life by talking someone of the ledge or sitting with someone and talking until dawn breaks, that’s what I’ll do.

4. Hike Kilimanjaro

This is one of the most recent additions to my bucket list. I’ve always imagined myself as a girl who could potentially hike Everest but right now, that is a goal that is both physically and financially out of reach. Once I decided that the PCT was happening in May 2018, I thought to myself “well, if I can do this, what else can I achieve?” And that is when my dream of Mt. Kilimanjaro sprouted into a semi-reality.

5. Buy a boy I like a dozen roses

As my final bucket list item I want to share with you, I thought I’d make it cute, simple, and adorable. I am a feminist but I also enjoy receiving flowers, having the door held for me, and being taken care of. These are all things that I also like doing all of these things for people I care about. A bucket list doesn’t have to be full of crazy, unimaginable goals. It can also include simple acts of courage like giving a boy you like a dozen roses. It’s untraditional and unorthodox but I like it because it’s endearing. It’s something I could see my mom doing for my dad.

And so I have shared only five of my eighteen bucket list items (so far) but in this book I received there are 101 slots for bucket list items! So share with me your dreams, goals, and aspirations because maybe I have some of the same ones but just need to be reminded.

Much love, Hannah


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